British Home Children Who Died in the First World War

This index of British Home Children who died in the First World War was compiled by the
 British Home Children Advocacy & Research Association. The original list has been published by the Library and Archives Canada in their Home Child index. This registry provides more comprehensive information on these soldiers. 


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British Home Children Casualties of the First World War
Numbers will eventually be changed to names in alphabetical order

Page Title
Place of Birth
Attestation Documents
Age at time of death
YOUNGER, Frank LawerenceEngland
YOUNG, WalterEngland
YOUNG, JohnLiverpool, England
YOUNG, Albert EdwardEngland
YOULTON, William HenryEngland
YOUDEN, Thomas W. E.England
YORSTON, JohnScotland
YONGE, Charles D. H.England
WYATT, William JohnWest Indies
WRIGHT, Thomas WilliamGuernsey
WRIGHT, Arthur HaroldEngland
LETFORD WRIGHT, William AlexanderScotland
WRIGHT, Walter HenryEngland
WRIGHT, Leonard EdwardEngland
WRIGHT, William AlbertEngland19
WRIGHT, Arthur A LandEngland
WORSNOP, Albert LucasEngland
WORLES, Albert EdwardEngland
WOOTTEN, John FrancisEngland
WOOLRIDGE, Walter AlfredEngland
WOODS, AlfredEngland
WOODHAM, William CharlesEngland
WOOD, John ThomasEngland
WITCOMB, William FrancisEngland
WINTER, WalterEngland
WINSTON, Victor NormanEngland
WINSON, Sidney JamesEngland23
WINDRED, HenryEngland
WILSON, CharlesEngland
WILLIAMS, John WEngland
WILLIAMS, GeorgeEngland
WILLIAMS, RichardEngland
WILLIAMS, Henry HerbertEngland
WILKES, Charles EEngland
WILKERSON, Stanley CharlesEngland
WILES, CharlesEngland
WILES, James PatrickEngland
WIFFEN, Arthur GeorgeEngland
WICKS, Herbert EdgarEngland
WICKS, RobertEngland
WICKS, GeorgeEngland
WHYTE, William MartinScotland
WHYTE, GeorgeScotland
WHYLDE, William JosephEngland
WHITWORTH, ErnestEngland
WHITING, Henry WilliamEngland17.5
WHITING, Rowland JosephEngland
WHITFORD, GeorgeEngland
WHITEHEAD, William HenrySalford, Manchester, England
WHITEHEAD, GeorgeEngland25
WHITBREAD, Henry JohnEngland
WHEELER, Ernest FrederickEngland19
WHEELER, CharlesEngland
WHEATLEY/Whatley, Charles HaroldDublin, Ireland
WHALLEY, ThomasEngland
WESTLEY, Harold CharlesEngland
WESTBURY, Arthur WilliamEngland
WEST, StephenEngland19
WESSON, WalterBirmingham, England
WELSH, James JAnnagarvey, Cecil, Augher, Tyrone, Ireland
WELLBELOVE, George RobertEngland
WEEKS, William ThomasEngland
WAYLETT, Albert Edward GeorgeEngland
WATT, Francis AllanNew Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
WATSON, Robert WilliamNorfolk, England
WATSON, ThomasScotland21
WATSON, RobertEngland26
WATSON, Lewis EdwardEngland
WATLING, Stanley RichardEngland27
WATERSON, WilliamEngland21
WATERS, GeorgeSouthall, Middlesex, England
WATERHOUSE,ThomasLeeds, Metropolitan Borough of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
WASS, Charles AlfredEngland27
WARRELL, Stanley CecilEngland
WARNER, AlbertEngland
WARNER, JamesEngland
WARDLE, SamuelSheffield, England
WARD, Ernest LotonEngland37
WARD, AlbertEngland
WARD, James HenryEngland
WARD, ThomasEngland21
WALSH, James Thomas
WALKER, John HenryBurton on Trent, England
WALKER, Horace ThorntonBirmingham, England
WALKER, John WilliamEngland
WAITE, Frances CharlesEngland31
WAILING, Richard/DickEngland25
WADE, JohnEngland
VOWLES, Thomas WilliamEngland
VINEY, Arthur FrederickEngland
VINCENT, Stanley W AEngland
VICKERS, WilliamEngland
VERNON, FrankEngland24
VAUGHAN, Leslie BernardEngland20
VANNER, Percy WilliamFrance
VAN BUREN, GeorgeEngland19
VALE, William LindEngland21
USHER, John ForemanEngland
URQUHART, AlexanderScotland
UPSTONE, Lewis AlexanderEngland31
UNTHANK, Richard PeterEngland
UNDERHILL, Alfred ThomasEngland
TYRIE, WilliamScotland
TYLER, George EdwardEngland
TWORT, Bernard GeorgeEngland26
TUXFORD, Victor EdwardLimehouse, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Greater London, England
TURNER, ReginaldWest Indies
TURNER, RolandEngland
TUCKER, Percy W.England
TROTT, JosephEngland24
TRICKER,  William EdwardIpswich, Suffolk, England
TRAINE, GeorgeScotland26
TRACY, Alfred JosephEngland19
TRACEY, Bartholomew/BertEngland
TOWNSEND, ThomasEngland
TOWNSEND, George EzekielEngland18
TOWELL, George JamesEngland
TORRINGTON, William FrederickCardiff, Wales
TOPHAM, Bernard BertEngland
TOPE, BlairEngland21
TOPE/TAPE, ErnestEngland23
TOON, JamesEngland29
TOOLEY, Albert LeonardLondon, England
TOMLINSON, FrankEngland
TIPTON, Edward LeonardEngland
TIPPER, George HenryEngland
TIJON, WilliamEngland22
TICKNER, James HenryEngland28
THWAITE, WilliamEngland
THURLOW, Cecil FrederickEngland18
THURGOOD, William JamesEngland19
THUNDER Edward/EdwinIreland
THOROGOOD, WilliamEngland
THORNE, Stanley ArthurEngland20
THOMPSON, JamesHull, Yorkshire, England
THOMPSON, George WilliamEngland18
THOMASON, FrederickEngland
THOMAS, FrederickEngland20
THOMAS, James EdgarEngland
THOMAS, WilliamEngland
TEROE, AbrahamEngland34
TELFER, JamesScotland23
TAYLOR, James ReubenIreland
TAYLOR, James ThomasEngland
TAYLOR, Harold Chevasse H.England19
TAYLOR, John SamuelEngland27
TASKER, John FrancisEngland26
TAPSELL, Richard J.England24
TAIT, AlfredEngland
SWIFT, GeorgeEngland
SWEENEY, Harold LathamIreland
SWAN, Alfred EdwardEngland
SWAINLAND, JohnEngland27
SWAIN, George HenryEngland26
SUTTON, GeorgeWest Indies27
SUTCLIFFE, ThomasEngland
SUMNER, John CooperGrimsby, Lincolnshire, England
SUMMERS, William RewScotland31
SULLIVAN, JohnEngland
SULLIVAN, ThomasEngland
SULLIVAN, ErnestEngland
STYLES, James WilliamEngland20
STROYD, HarryEngland21
STRINGER, Arthur EdwardEngland
STRINGER, George StarkeyEngland
STREET, StanleyWiltshire, England
STONEHAM, Henry AaronEngland
STODDART, JamesGlasgow, Scotland
STEWART, George SherlettScotland19
STEVENS, Frederick F.London, England
STERRETT, Albert WalterLondon, England
STEERS, George WalterEngland
STEDMAN, William HenryEngland
STANNING, William Ernest JamesLondon, England
STANISTREET, William GeorgeEngland
STAFFORD, John WilliamEngland19
SPRIGGS, Frederick GeorgeEngland
SPRAGG, Albert EdwardEngland
SPINKS, Frederick JohnEngland18
SPICE, Arthur JohnEngland
SPICE, Albert GeorgeEngland
SPELLER, Bertram/BertEngland
SPEARPOINT, JamesEngland
SPAUL, RobertEngland
SPARKS, Ernest AugustusEngland
SPARKES, ErnestEngland
SPARGO, SamuelWest Indies24
SMITH, William HenryEngland
SMITH, SamuelEngland
SMITH, Joseph AlbertEngland
SMITH, AndrewIreland19
SMITH, Peter McIntyreScotland20
SMITH, Thomas EdwardEngland
SMITH, John JamesEngland
SMITH, Ralph F BEngland
SMART, Alexander FullerEngland
SLATER, LeonardEngland
SLATER, Frederick GeorgeIreland
SKUSE, RobertIreland21

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