ACKLEY, George Richard

ACKLEYGeorge Richard1884-10-11EnglandPOLYNESIAN1888Liverpool Catholic Children's Protective Society1915-03-29Ottawa, Ontario1918-09-22338th C.M.R. (Canadian Mounted Rifles)Queant Communal Cemetery British Extension, Pas de Calais, FranceIndex of Home Children who died in the First World WarAckerly/AckleyArrived age 3 to Kingston at the House of Providence. Also admitted was a William Ackerly and Jane Ackerly, as well on the ships manifest was a Margaret Ackerly not shown at house of Providence.It appears brother William also enlisted in Sept. of 1914 regimental number 40589, was married to a Mary Ackley and lived in Kingston.He lists Staffordshire England as place of birth. George married Amilia Florence Knigt (Knight) and it appears she was a BHC there are two possibilities of a Florence Knight arriving in Canada, the one who went to Peterborough is more than likely her. She listed her parents and birth place as England on the marriage certificate. Ontario,%20G%20R at death with Machine Gun Corps but was a Corporal in the Infantry.